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Diaspora Africa is an independent media organisation highlighting stories that centre on African migration, exploring the intersections between migration and gender, education, climate change, refugee politics, LGBTQ+ rights and social inclusion.

Immigration policies are changing worldwide. Countries are either expanding or shrinking their existing policies around immigration. Africans are fleeing their home countries for greener pastures or to escape conflict and persecution, but what is the landscape of existence as an African immigrant in a foreign country?

With a blend of research and grassroots data, we are sharing human-angle stories of immigration with the aim that immigrants will understand the translation of their reality through our publications, and policymakers will be impacted through our approach, believing that this impact will fuel positive strategies that will benefit African immigrants everywhere. We want to inform policies and ideas that make immigration beneficial for all.

We are comprised of creative young people in the media, academia, and non-profit, with a passion for social research and innovative ways of storytelling. We are a diverse group, representing the African interest.

Donate to our work. Our work is mostly dependent on external funding. Your money helps pay our writers and journalists who continue to bring these stories to life, pushing the world to learn and take action.

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