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We depend heavily on external support as grants, donations and funding. This is the bedrock of our existence and our capacity to tell more stories, feature special reporting and conduct more research that centre African migration. You can also email [email protected]

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Volunteers contribute immensely to Diaspora Africa. Use the form to indicate your volunteering interest, stating why you want to volunteer and in what capacity.

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    We are interested in stories that focus on all issues of migration and how Africans experience it. This is not necessarily an under-reported migration story of Africans in the diaspora, but a story that captures the different faces of moving and migration to Africans in Africa. We try to cover refugee, border, and immigrant survival issues. We love to see a blend of data and the human angle to these stories.

    Our writers live in and out of Africa.

    If you want to write with us, get in touch. Please refer to our existing stories to see the kind of writing we seek. We hope to use our writing to impact both the people and the authorities, as well as reach more readers who would ordinarily not have access to read and understand in a very technical manner. Regardless of how we yearn to use data and research to tell our stories, we want it to be as easy as possible.

    Get in touch. Tell us what you want to write about. You can email [email protected] with a paragraph-long pitch that will be in the body of your email. Also, let us know if you have written the topic already.

    *Rates for articles and special projects are discussed with our Managing Editor.*

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