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Ernest Nweke

Away from Home: Ghana's Homophobia
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Diaspora Africa is a media platform dedicated to highlighting stories that centre Africans in Africa and in the diaspora, exploring the intersections between immigration and gender, education, climate change, refugee politics, LGBTQ+ rights and social inclusion.

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  • Giselle Musabimana
  • Posted by Giselle Musabimana
April 9, 2024

Just as young Italians aspire to migrate elsewhere because their country fails to meet their needs, so do Nigerians, Gambians, Congolese, Somalis.

climate mobility
  • Tapiwanashe Hadzizi
  • Posted by Tapiwanashe Hadzizi
March 18, 2024

In the peri-urban community of Domboshava in Mashonaland West Province, Zimbabwe, a community 30 km away from Harare. Its people are heavily impacted by the effects of climate violence and mobility.

  • Diaspora Africa
  • Posted by Diaspora Africa
January 28, 2024

“We understand that migration affects women differently and at Diaspora Africa, we use data to research how migration policy affects women. For example, we recently examined the UK’s new migration policy...


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