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Ernest Nweke

Is Homophobia Chasing
LGBTQ+ Africans Away to the US?

Diaspora Africa is a media platform dedicated to highlighting stories that centre Africans in Africa and in the diaspora, exploring the intersections between immigration and gender, education, climate change, refugee politics, LGBTQ+ rights and social inclusion.

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From Uganda to Germany: Mark Lutta Connects Differences in Relationships & Language Acquisition
  • Diaspora Africa
  • Posted by Diaspora Africa
August 15, 2023

Immigration is a 2-way street. So, I think I'll just talk about my personal experience in Germany. I feel like, most of the time, when you go into a new society, it's up to you. It's upon you to learn the language and respect their values.

Diaspora Africa explores African immigration and gender, education, climate change, refuge politics and LGBTQ+ rights.
  • Ifeoluwa Fatoki
  • Posted by Ifeoluwa Fatoki
August 15, 2023

Almost 20 million Africans are reported to be living outside the continent as of 2020, yet the experiences documented above are only a drop in the ocean of countless others. There are many more who in the quest to make it out of the continent lose their lives in the desert and on the sea.

  • Ernest Nweke
  • Posted by Ernest Nweke
August 13, 2023

In America, E quickly learned that there was very little wholesome space for femme men (LGBTQ+) who are not willing to pander to socio-cultural norms of how a guy should dress, walk, talk, or gesticulate in the black community.


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