African Migrant Labourers in the Middle East: A Need for Right-Based Humanitarian Intervention

It is evident that African migrant labourers in the Middle East still find themselves in precarious situations with their employers despite the laws enacted to address these anomalies. It is time for these countries in the Middle East to move beyond mere rhetoric and begin to carry out proactive steps to see to the dismantling of the Kafala system. The laws enacted ought to be adequately enforced and monitored. Strengthening the monitoring and enforcement procedure of the laws in the host countries is a must for this issue to be put to rest. Additionally, the criminal justice responses in these host countries need to be strengthened. Penal sections should be metered out as punishment for those who violate these laws because the proper treatment of migrant workers essentially touches on their fundamental human rights. Also, instead of introducing bans, African countries should pursue comprehensive bilateral agreements to protect their citizens who migrate to these regions.

Writer: Promise Okezie
Editors: Jazmine Cuevas, Amaka Obioji
Design: Emmanuel Ogunleye, Chimee Adioha

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